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masterDocumented changes in version 1.5.Björn Persson8 years
version_1.5commit 9ee153d60c...Björn Persson8 years
version_1.4commit 99d40080c8...Björn Persson9 years
version_1.3commit 2153eb83d3...Björn Persson10 years
version_1.2commit dc755a6e32...Björn Persson11 years
version_1.1commit a52ebd4b95...Björn Persson11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-02-20Documented changes in version 1.5.HEADversion_1.5masterBjörn Persson
2016-01-18Added Library_Type to help with building libraries as shared or static.Björn Persson
2016-01-09fixes to sub-Make situationsBjörn Persson
2015-08-19Documented changes in version 1.4.version_1.4Björn Persson
2015-08-13Replaced the repository browser link.Björn Persson
2015-07-01Improved the documentation of directory variables.Björn Persson
2015-03-14slightly prettierBjörn Persson
2014-03-03perhaps a better wordBjörn Persson
2014-02-23Changed "make" to "Make" in the hope that it will look more like a name and l...Björn Persson
2014-02-23Test installation and phoniness.Björn Persson