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* Documented changes in version 1.5.HEADversion_1.5masterBjörn Persson2016-02-20
* Added Library_Type to help with building libraries as shared or static.Björn Persson2016-01-18
* fixes to sub-Make situationsBjörn Persson2016-01-09
* Documented changes in version 1.4.version_1.4Björn Persson2015-08-19
* Replaced the repository browser link.Björn Persson2015-08-13
* Improved the documentation of directory variables.Björn Persson2015-07-01
* slightly prettierBjörn Persson2015-03-14
* perhaps a better wordBjörn Persson2014-03-03
* Changed "make" to "Make" in the hope that it will look more like a name and l...Björn Persson2014-02-23
* Test installation and phoniness.Björn Persson2014-02-23
* multi-step installationBjörn Persson2014-02-23
* Improved the error when an option is undefined.Björn Persson2014-02-23
* Marked phony targets as phony.Björn Persson2014-02-23
* Made base fail.Björn Persson2014-02-23
* more license noticesversion_1.3Björn Persson2014-02-06
* Test dependencies between preprocessed and non-preprocessed project files.Björn Persson2014-02-05
* Documented changes in version 1.3.Björn Persson2014-02-05
* Set the version number to 1.3.Björn Persson2014-02-05
* Avoid spaces in sub-Make testing.Björn Persson2014-02-03
* Merged the branch "testsuite".Björn Persson2014-02-02
| * Fixed inclusion.Björn Persson2014-02-02
| * Test variable conveyance to a sub-Make.Björn Persson2014-02-01
| * Removed the tab character.Björn Persson2014-02-01
| * more testcasesBjörn Persson2014-02-01
| * Check that the right generated files exist.Björn Persson2014-01-31
| * Don't echo the echo command.Björn Persson2013-12-26
| * better failure reportingBjörn Persson2013-12-19
| * Made run_test load the function library for the testcases.Björn Persson2013-12-19
| * some code to check files after testsBjörn Persson2013-12-19
| * function library for the testcasesBjörn Persson2013-12-17
| * the beginning of a testsuiteBjörn Persson2013-12-16
* | Avoid spaces in the configuration file's pathname.Björn Persson2014-02-01
* | Protect tab caracters.Björn Persson2013-12-27
* | Exclude the current working directory from VPATH.Björn Persson2013-12-26
* | Added "make_*" variables with relative pathnames.Björn Persson2013-12-26
* | Use VPATH to find project files.Björn Persson2013-12-14
* Worked around a bug in GNU Make 3.81.version_1.2Björn Persson2013-11-04
* Made explicitly set directory variables override a directories project.Björn Persson2013-11-04
* Added GNATPREPFLAGS for completeness.Björn Persson2013-10-22
* comment correctionBjörn Persson2013-10-22
* minor clarificationBjörn Persson2013-10-21
* additions to the manualBjörn Persson2013-10-18
* Wrote a pattern rule for making directories.Björn Persson2013-10-18
* Documented targets.Björn Persson2013-10-17
* Added targets for use as hooks.Björn Persson2013-10-17
* heading casingBjörn Persson2013-10-17
* Fixed quotation marks.Björn Persson2013-10-15
* Added missing tags.Björn Persson2013-10-14
* Additions to the manual.Björn Persson2013-10-14
* Added a comment.Björn Persson2013-10-10