My programming projects

Here's a list of larger and smaller programming projects that I sometimes hack on, or have hacked on in the past:

The Ada Milter API
The Ada Milter API is a binding to Libmilter, the Sendmail mail filtering API.
System_Log is an Ada binding to the Unix syslog functions.
EAstring is an unbounded string type for Ada that keeps track of character encodings and transcodes strings automatically. The EAstrings package is a part of the Ada Class Library.
Orto is a command line parameter handler for Ada that makes command line parameters work more like subprogram parameters. Orto is a part of the Ada Class Library.
Comfignat is common, convenient, command-line-controlled compile-time configuration of software built with the GNAT tools on Unix-like operating systems.
As part of my work on packaging Ada libraries and programs in Fedora I have made the package fedora-gnat-project-common with helper files for Ada packages. It contains files that are used by the GNAT project files of multiple Ada libraries, and also GNAT-specific RPM macros.
Improvements to VNC
I once contributed some small improvements to VNC.
Magica is a command line program that encodes or decodes hexadecimal, decimal, octal, binary or any other base from 2 to 32. I wrote it to use in a game in a discussion forum.

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