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* Fixed Set_Log_Levels on big-endian platforms.HEADversion_1.6masterBjörn Persson2017-05-06
* Updated Comfignat to version 1.5 and enabled building System_Log as a static ...Björn Persson2016-02-20
* Updated Comfignat to version 1.4.Björn Persson2015-08-19
* Deleted misleading text.version_1.5Björn Persson2013-11-07
* Updated Comfignat to version 1.2.Björn Persson2013-11-06
* Use a separate Object_Dir for test_system_log.Björn Persson2013-10-18
* Added LDFLAGS support in the build project.Björn Persson2013-08-31
* Updated Comfignat to version 1.1.version_1.4Björn Persson2013-08-06
* insignificant formatting fixesBjörn Persson2013-08-06
* make install preserved too much.version_1.3Björn Persson2013-04-22
* Set the soname to what the GNAT tools made of it.version_1.2Björn Persson2013-04-19
* Added installation instructions.Björn Persson2013-04-16
* Corrected the default of libdir.Björn Persson2013-04-16
* Marked a dummy as unreferenced.Björn Persson2013-02-18
* Added a convenient and flexible build system.Björn Persson2013-02-13
* minor reformatting and two commentsBjörn Persson2013-01-22
* Added a very basic test program.Björn Persson2012-01-08
* Added project files.Björn Persson2012-01-08
* importedBjörn Persson2010-01-04